A Dutch Rush Aerobatics air show is exclusive and spectacular entertainment. We offer you a magical and unforgettable airshow. High end aerial entertainment at your event, company incentive, festival or VIP party

During our unlimited aerobatic displays we entertain the crowd with mind-blowing maneuvers. The unique engine sound, the maneuverability and the creativity in the flying will leave you amazed. Frank van Houten is one of Europe’s most talented aerobatic pilots with a signature flying style. Aviation that excites. The Dutch Rush 26MX is one of the strongest aerobatic aircraft in the world. It has unlimited flying performance, unprecedented maneuverability and a 430 horsepower radial engine. During the displays Frank endures G forces ranging from minus 10 to plus 10 G within seconds. During the show you will see a large number of unlimited and extreme flying maneuvers linked together in a spectacular way. The magic of the flying, the spectacular engine sound and the maneuverability will leave an impression that lasts.

Are you looking for an unforgettable product launch, a kick off, a PR stunt or a creative Marketing Campaign? Dutch Rush has got you covered. Feel the Rush…. of a Dutch Rush experience!

Dutch Rush holds special permits that allow us to perform at off-airport locations. So we are able to display at many different locations, outside of big cities and large industrial area’s. Please contact us for the possibilities in your area. Apart from our flying permit we will take care of all other necessary permits, administration and insurances.

The Dutch Rush Aerobatics stunt plane only uses a very limited amount of gasoline during the displays. No kerosene. The fuel we use, mostly Shell and Aeroshell, is subject to a carbon offset program. The smoke we use during the displays is created with biological degradable paraffin oil